Windows & Glazing

How much does it cost for a site survey/inspection?

We offer a free no obligation quote service

Is there a call out charge for 24hr make safe service?

There is a minimum emergency call out charge of £160+VAT between 5pm and 8am No call out charge outside these hrs – labour for any work undertaken

What composite doors do you install

We only install Heritage doors

How long from a site survey will it take to get new windows and doors installed?

We typically aim for a maximum 3 week turnaround

Do you offer an install only service?

No – we only fit windows and doors that we have supplied

Do you do supply only?

Yes we do

Do you offer glass replacement only?

Yes we offer a range of glazing repairs and installs

Does your glazing come with a guarantee?

Yes – all glazing installs comes with a 5 year manufacturers guarantee


How quickly can you get out to me?

The type of job can affect the response time of a Locksmith due to its urgency. However, we have an emergency response time of 30-60 minutes, where possible, and for non-emergency cases will always try to get out to you as soon as we can

Do you have a call out charge?

Some Locksmiths will charge for call outs, we don’t have a call out charge, we only charge for Labour (the time on site) plus parts if they are needed plus VAT.

Can you gain access without needing to replace the lock?

We only install Heritage Doors in the majority of cases, you can gain entry to a property without having to replace the lock. Most locks, including uPVC and wooden locks, can be bypassed by picking or other non-destructive entry techniques with relative ease when carried out by an expert Locksmith. We will always prioritise non-destructive entry techniques to help you gain access to your property and as experts with both uPVC and wooden locks and mechanisms we can easily bypass locks to get you in as quick as possible. In some rare cases, it may be necessary to replace the lock, but this will depend on the circumstances of the lock out and the lock itself.

How much will the parts cost?

Factors such as door type and lock type will affect the cost of any parts required when hiring a Locksmith and the price you can be charged will differ from company to company. For example, the cost for a new lock on a uPVC door will change dependent on size, make, model, and the level of security it holds as there are different standards of locks.

How many keys will come with a replacement lock?

Each lock will differ with the number of keys that it comes with, but you should expect to get 2-3 new keys with the installation of a new door lock by an expert Locksmith. Again, it is always best to check the number of the keys with your Locksmith in case you will need extra copies.

Does the work come with a guarantee?

All work carried out, including any parts supplied comes with a year guarantee. Any professional Locksmith should give you a variation of a guarantee to ensure that all work is completed correctly.

Are your prices fixed or estimated?

Locksmith jobs vary significantly, for example burglary repair could cost more than a lock replacement, so different parts can hold different prices which will then impact the overall price of the job. With the different parts needed and time needed to be spent on job, most Locksmiths will provide you will an estimate upon booking in.

Do I need a Locksmith to change locks?

Many customers get confused when it comes to changing locks, whether they should go down the DIY route or call a Locksmith. It’s always a risk to do something you are not specialised in as it can cost you a lot more in the long run if it failed and could even invalidate your home insurance. Therefore, it’s always wise to call out a Locksmith.

How will I be able to pay?

Most Locksmith companies will take both card and cash payments. Some Locksmiths will be limited to only accepting cash while others can only accept cards. It’s important to ask what form of payment your Locksmith accepts before you hire them.